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"I am the mother to a child with Russel Silver Syndrome. When I met Yael, I immediately knew she was the therapist for Helen. I have 16 years of experience with other therapists to compare to and there's no one better. My daughter has made more progress than ever expected in such a short time because of Yael's work not only with Helen, but also with me.  She provides me with the individualized strategies to practice at home each session. She focuses on the whole child (not only the motor component), and realizes that all areas of development are intertwined. Throughout her exercises she focuses on all of these other areas and explains the reasoning for her strategies. For all of these reasons I highly recommend Yael's services. Yael is best Therapist!"

- Cheryl, New Milford

"Yael is a skilled therapist, but to our family she has been so much more!  She very quickly developed a strong relationship with my daughter Amelia, who doesn't usually connect with others quickly. It was obvious how much affection she held for Yael over the course of their work together.  Amelia enjoyed her sessions, and was always excited to see Yael arrive.  Yael was always genuinely happy to see Amelia as well, and while they accomplished her therapy goals together, they also had lots of fun! 

Yael also established a great working relationship with me.  She made sure I had all the tools and strategies I needed to help my daughter between her sessions, and beyond!  She gave careful consideration to my questions, and addressed them thoughtfully and completely.  Yael is very knowledgeable, and very smart. My daughter is now walking, running and playing alongside other children, thanks to Yael's therapeutic know-how. My family is so grateful for her efforts!"

- Jen, Edgewater

"We were so lucky to have Yael Weintraub as our therapist. Every day she came in with a smile on her face and a warm and friendly demeanor. My daughter was immediately comfortable with her and grew so much during their time together. Throughout the whole process Yael was always willing to listen and address any concerns we had regarding our daughter's development. Not only did we gain an amazing physical therapist but I can honestly say that we made a new friend as well. I am forever grateful to Yael for all her hard work! "

- Daniela, Englewood

"Yael was the first therapist to join Team Charlie. While he had not been diagnosed with Autism yet, at 20 months old, we knew he had developmental delays. She listened to his story, understood his needs, identified ways to engage him, and put him to work with lots of songs, smiles, and encouragement. With "Miss Yael", Charlie learned to use the swing like a big kid, and walk uphill with confidence. His balance improved, and more importantly, even as his falls became more rare, we could see that she had taught him how to protect himself against getting hurt. When we see Charlie climb independently at the park, or walk upstairs holding the rail and alternating his feet we tell him, 'Good job, Miss Yael would be so proud!...' and Charlie giggles..."

 -Aimee, Teaneck

"It was difficult in the beginning not knowing if our daughter would have use of her left arm due to Erb's Palsy, but without making promises Yael went to work every single visit, always noticing the small gains which in time turned out to be so big in return. One of the things I would have never imagined was how much relief a great therapist brings not only to our child but most surprising to us, the parents. Our daughter had the pleasure of receiving therapy from Yael for 2 1/2 years and we as parents benefited emotionally from her knowledge and support. It brought a great calm in our hearts With Yael's assurance that this will get better. Yael went above and beyond in helping Cataleya meet her milestones, and in always giving us guidance on how to help her progress. All thanks to her never ending diligence, our daughter has use of her arm. We are forever grateful in our hearts that Cataleya was blessed with Yael's presence. What a sight it was when I saw my daughter get off the school bus holding on to both railings! Thanks so much Yael!" 

- Manuel, Fort Lee

"Yael is one of the best therapists I have ever met. We went through several therapists so I have a large pool of professionals to compare. Yael is amazing in her specialization, and she learns from other specializations and incorporates new methods into her therapy sessions. She understands a child really well and figures out what will work best. She never gets frustrated and keeps trying different things because she has so much knowledge. She puts a lot of effort into her sessions to make them fun for the child and to keep the child cooperative. She's also a wonderful person to be around, always positive, always supportive. We were lucky to have her for 3 years, she made such big a difference in our lives."

 -Anonymous, Fort Lee

"Diagnosed with a progressive neuromuscular disease, our son requires significant therapies to maintain and improve his daily function.  Yael is a talented professional with a warm and compassionate personality.  From the first physical therapy visit, she was able to understand how to help our son and create a playful atmosphere that helped him feel motivated and comfortable. Her therapy skills and knowledge have been so valuable to our son and our family and has made such a difference in our lives.  We are very blessed to have found her!"

- Andrew, Edgewater

"When my husband and I were told that our son had a Brachial Plexus Injury we were incredibly overwhelmed. We wanted to make sure our son received as much intervention as possible. Yael has been our superhero. She is calm, patient, caring, passionate, and a true expert in her field. Yael has helped our son meet milestones and achieve more than we could have ever hoped in the past few months. Yael does not only work with and help our son; she helps and teaches me. She takes time to explain all about my son's development, infancy, and milestones in general, and teaches me what I can do to help my son succeed. Yael is a mentor, coach, cheerleader, therapist, and friend. Her warmth, love of children, and devotion to helping our son achieve and meet his goals have made us feel so incredibly lucky and thankful."

- Jessica, Engewood

"My child was experiencing developmental delays during his first year of life.  Tummy time as an infant was instead tantrum time and instead of crawling my son preferred to scoot on his bottom.  I raised these concerns to my pediatrician and was advised to seek Physical therapy for my baby.   This was a very scary time for me as a new mom. Then I met Yael Weintraub.   Yael quickly understood my situation as a mother as well as my child’s condition.  Her diagnosis for my son was immediate and accurate.  She was able to explain the condition and cause of delays and eased my worries with her kind, caring and knowledgeable ways.  Yael immediately dedicated herself to us and developed a plan to help my child with his motor delays. Within a years time of dedicated treatment with Yael, the progress in my child’s condition was amazing.  Movements he had difficulty with prior to physical therapy were no longer a concern with Yael Weintraub as the physical therapist.  As a mother, I couldn’t be any happier with the treatment and care Yael has served for us especially my child.  Yael Weintraub is an amazing Physical therapist and I’m very grateful to have had her as my son's physical therapist."

 -Souzan, Ridgefield

"My daughter, Ella, began working with Yael at 18months old until 3 years old. At the time Ella was not able to walk on her own, she was born with low muscle tone and lacked overall body strength. Yael worked with Ella three times a week treating both motor and developmental delays.  Yael demonstrated great knowledge from day one, patience and expertise that resulted in improving Ella's functionality with each visit. Yael was always so great with explaining and answering my questions, she was truly a God send!!! I cannot emphasize enough how thankful I am for having Yael in our life, not everyone shares their knowledge as she did nor do they share their support and kindness as she did. "

- Kathy, Fort Lee

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